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Julie McLaughlin
Suite 213, Ulverston Business Centre
25 New Market Street
Cumbria, LA12 7LQ
United Kingdom
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Feedback from GrowthCLUB September 2017:
“Provides a focus on how to move forward positively and effectively to ensure our business is a continued success.” Karen, Owner Thornfield Camping Cabins
“I really enjoy the benefits of the 90 day planning sessions in my business. Without them I am basically winging it!” Adam, Owner Foxcroft Construction
“Lots of shared experiences to help me to get a different perspective. Nice to have a common goal with other people of driving my business forward.” Bev, Owner Warm & Dry
“It’s a good starting point on hwo to begin to work on the business rather than in it.” Thomas, Owner ETIS.
Paul Galley, Managing Director Antelope Design
I have been working with Jules for 12 months, in which time I have transformed my business significantly.  I used to have a job for one, now I have a business of four staff.  Where my focus was once on doing the doing it is now on managing, sales and growing my business. My personal growth in the last year has been greater than in the previous 10.
Having a coach stretches you, it makes you work on your business every week, or else you’re in the firing line. And if you invest in your business and yourself the small improvements every week soon add up.
There have been some major shocks for me; I have found that my staff are as good if not better at aspects of the business than I am, which means the work we are delivering is better than ever.
Fiona, GrowthCLUB Client

I went along to my first GrowthCLUB session not really knowing what to expect but hoping I would come away with something. We spent the day working on a 90 day plan and discussed how I might go about achieving these things within that timeframe. It might sound cliche but something definitely ‘just clicked’ during that session.I felt that I had a direction that I wanted to move in and felt incredibly determined to make it happen. The session helped me to take a step back and analyse my business and my role within the business. I’m now busy ticking off the goals I set in my 90 day plan, it gives you a massive buzz and sense of achievement too. I can’t wait for my next session!

James, 121 coaching client

I have been working with Julie for about a year, during which time we have focused on reducing my working hours and increasing profit. The coaching has paid for itself and I work less – which is what I hoped to achieve when we started out. We’ve also gained 2 additional staff, with increased turnover and profit.


Having a coach forces me to focus on what I want the company to look like, and then the best way to make that happen.


Jayne McGarry, Entrepreneur

Thanks very much for our first business coaching session the other day. I found it interesting, nicely challenging, and a bit emotional if I am honest. You have given me food for thought and helped me to really look at my goals, which I know I have been struggling with on my own. Thanks for your support and I am really looking forward to our next meeting.

Maria Benjamin, GrowthCLUB client
I had no real intention of signing up to Action Coaching. I was just keen on the free session! However, after talking to Julie on the phone, it became very clear that we really needed what she had to offer, so even before our first meeting, I knew this was an investment in our business I wanted to make.

Julie has very quickly brought our business into focus. I can now see a clear distinction between working ‘in’ our business and ‘on’ our business and this has really helped me make decisions that benefit our long-term ambitions . We are still at an early stage of working together but I’m already much more confident in what I can aim for, knowing that I have Julie’s knowledge and watchful eye to support us.

Having not studied business, it’s been great to get clear, insightful strategies to create a strong foundation for the business to grow. Without it, I’d still be taking very small, tentative steps and focussing on the bits of the business I like to do, at the expense of the bits necessary to build a solid business that is capable of growing.
Phil, MD IJJA Training 
“Today has helped me to get a better overview of my business so I can concentrate my time on the parts of the business that generate the most amount of profit” – Phil


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