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Julie McLaughlin
Suite 213, Ulverston Business Centre
25 New Market Street
Cumbria, LA12 7LQ
United Kingdom
  +44(0)1229 807303
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I’ve always wanted more out of life, my next big step forward, you know? It’s exciting to dream, plan and take action. Then to enjoy the rewards. Now I’m a coach, I not only do this for myself, I support others to do it too and that’s incredibly fulfilling. I work with people who feel the same way. We have a similar approach to business and life. We believe we deserve what we dream about and take action to go after it.

My clients are often looking to “move to the next level.” They want to make improvements and they’re ambitious. When we get together I help them to become focused on the key opportunities and challenges they need to address to move their business forward. We invest time creating strategic plans then work consistently to implement them.

My clients gain clarity and focus and our working relationship cultivates the discipline they need to get on and take action. They choose what they’ll be accountable for and take ownership to make it happen.

My clients often look for an external perspective during our conversations and I also give them appropriate strategies and solutions to choose from. By purposefully working ON their business, clients are better placed to make key decisions to benefit long term plans.

I’ve worked in SMEs, the public sector and in a corporate environment for the Royal Bank of Scotland. It was at RBS that I qualified as a project manager with the Association of Project Management, gaining associate status of the organisation. I have outstanding organisational skills and a focused approach to life and business. I am also an accomplished workshop facilitator, delivering controversial change programmes and coaching delegates to seek and implement results.

It is this experience and ActionCOACH’s proven business building system that makes me different to other business coaches. Not to mention I run my own business and have experienced the worry about the day-to-day survival of the business, and what it’s like to put in long hours.


If you think you’re working longer house than you wanted to. Or want to regain the vision and dream that led you to forming your own business in the first place. Or simply want more time with your family and friends that’s a good enough reason for us to talk.

Alternatively, If you’re thinking about the next level or making improvements, send me a text or email 07500 129 762 – and we can have a conversation.

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